MOP recent changes

Changes in MOP version 22.4

  • Ability to create buttons and actions in user forms

Changes in MOP version 22.3

  • Ability to define subnetworks - conditionally autonomous parts of the network
  • Ability to create and parameterize Objects (non-computational polygonal elements)
  • Possibility to omit definition of supply or return in pipe element
  • Import of recipes/plan from a control system

Changes in MOP version 22.2

  • Ability to display online parameters
  • Prediction and analytical mode
  • Ability to update the prediction
  • Weather forecast update
  • Export of prediction to a control system

Changes in MOP version 22.1

  • Ability of designing user forms

Changes in MOP version 22.0

  • Optional application standalone mode - no need for MS Excel
  • Ability of displaying external model results
  • Extended input settings for sources, mixing nodes, shunts and pressure control valves
  • Units of all used physical categories can be chnaged by user

Changes in MOP version 21.0

  • Support for network licenses (multilicenses)
  • Sources can be set also by requested power or flow rate
  • Graphical editing of input series
  • Singular inputs and singular outputs definition
  • Formulas for filling values of singular inputs, regular inputs and singular outputs

Changes in MOP version 20.1

  • Refined modeling of steam networks - separating and runing down of condensate in supply piping

Changes in MOP version 20.0

  • New format of MOP models in XLS sheets
  • Model of the heat consumption based on artificial neural networks
  • Dynamic modeling of steam networks as steady state sequence
  • New output values for steam source, steam consumer and steam trap

Changes in MOP version 19.3

  • WMS 1.3.0 compliant online background maps
  • Pump catalogue, new pump inputs and outputs
  • Pump diagram (pump characteristics with current state animation)

Changes in MOP version 19.2

  • New output value filters

Changes in MOP version 19.1

  • New hydraulic outputs added

Changes in MOP version 19.0

  • Dynamic modeling of water networks
  • Proper consumer category element (new category input section)