DIGITS is a software tool for streamlining operations and management of heat networks, especially with the following technical, energy and economic effects:

  • solution of temperature and flow parameters of the network (savings in operating costs for heat loss and pumping work);
  • optimization of the heat network configuration, timing and scope of repairs and maintenance (savings of repair and maintenance cost, savings of investment expenses);
  • support for planning, reporting and statistical analyzes (savings of personal expenses for overhead and administrative activities).

The solution is based on technology enabling efficient sharing, transformation and processing of technological, business, economic, computational and other data. DIGITS can thus be used as a base of the digitized heat network management center.

This software (DIGITS) was created with state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the THETA Program (Project No. TK03020066 entitled “Fully digitized heating network management center“).

For quality decision-making in the field of heat distribution, it is necessary to know: "what is distributed through, how much is distributed and how it is distributed". The "what is distributed through" information is usually contained in the GIS system. How much is distributed is usually known from customer information system. The remaining task ("how it is distributed") is solved by the DIGITS system, which is based on the thermal network modeling system shared with the MOP software. But DIGITS also solves the integration of the data from all these systems and enables these data to be effectively combined, evaluated and further processed.