Creation and management of heat network models

Development, reconstruction or economical opeartion of DHS require thermo-hydraulic analysis, ie. calculation model of the heat network. For customers without personal capacity or software means, we offer creation and maintenance of such models.

ORTEP, s.r.o. offers:

  • creating a calculation model, its parametrization and calibration by MOP software;
  • subsequent management of this calculation model including yearly update and solving ad-hoc tasks, or
  • handover of created model to the customer with the sale of software MOP license and user training.


  • highly qualified processing, sophisticated software tools, services based on long-standing know-how and proved by ORTEP, s.r.o. references;
  • model compatibility with models of other DHS designers and DHS operators which also use MOP software,
  • processing and bussiness flexibility, contracts and cooperation style based on customer needs opportunities.